Today is Monday, 26th January 2015
Release Name: Stations Of The Cross 2014 1080p BluRay x264-FAPCAVE
Genre: Drama
Director: Dietrich Brüggemann
Writer: Anna Brüggemann, Anna Brüggemann
Cast: Lucie Aron, Anna Brüggemann, Michael Kamp, Moritz Knapp, Birge Schade, Florian Stetter, Sven Taddicken, Lea van Acken, Franziska Weisz, Georg Wesch, Ramin Yazdani, Hanns Zischler
Runtime: 1h 50mn
Size: 7.65GB

Maria is 14 years old. Her family is part of a fundamentalist Catholic community. Maria lives her everyday life in the modern world, yet her heart belongs to Jesus. She wants to follow him,…

Release Name: The Last Seduction 1994 1080p BluRay X264-AMIABLE
Links: IMDB -ScreenshotsNFO
Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama
Director: John Dahl
Writer: Steve Barancik
Cast: Linda Fiorentino, Bill Pullman, Michael Raysses, Zack Phifer, Peter Berg, Brien Varady, Dean Norris, Donna Wilson, Mik Scriba, J.T. Walsh, Erik-Anders Nilsson, Patricia R. Caprio, Herb Mitchell, Bill Nunn, Renee Rogers
Runtime: 1h 49mn
Resolution: 1 920 pixels x 1 080 pixels
Video: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC | 10.8 Mbps
Size: 8.74GB

A devious sexpot steals her husband’s drug money and hides out in a small town where she meets the perfect dupe for her next scheme.

Release Name: Basket Case 2 1990 720p BluRay x264-CREEPSHOW
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Writer: Frank Henenlotter
Cast: Kevin Van Hentenryck, Judy Grafe, Annie Ross, Heather Rattray, Chad Brown, Beverly Bonner, Leonard Jackson, Alexandra Auder, Brian Fitzpatrick, Gale Van Cott, Kuno Sponholz, Kathryn Meisle, Dominic Marcus, Doug Anderson, Jason Evers
Runtime: 1h 29mn
Size: 4.36GB

Duane and his basket-bound mutant brother are taken in by a secret home for wayward freaks with journalists hot on their tail.